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Only renowned brands and manufacturers of authentic paving and walling are associated with our website. All the manufacturers that we work in close proximity with the use of ethically sourced products.
  • Child labour is restricted
  • Employment is chosen freely
  • Discrimination isn't practiced
  • Standard wages plus remunerations are paid in full
  • Every employee is treated with respect
  • Safe, hygienic, and hospitable working conditions are maintained
  • Excessive working hours are not maintained.
Every product we are offering is produced by leading industry leaders. Stringent and multiple quality checks are performed to ensure its durability against extreme temperature and other factors. Exterior grade paving will be suitable with the range of natural sandstones that we offer.
The majority of our displayed or listed products will be available at the time of order. But, it's not unusual to find popular products out of stock from time and again. From offering an alternative for the product you have selected to informing you the moment the product is back in stock - we do it all.
A majority of paving products with straight cut/sawn edges are laid down with minimal effort. But, a small gap of 5mm to 10mm needs to be maintained between the slabs.
Photographs on the website are basically from the brochures offered by the major manufacturers that we work with. There is an impressive representation of the product that we sell. However, reprographic limitations and lighting conditions do have an impact on the image you see on the website.
When natural stone is used, there is always a possibility that the variation in color between the slabs will be higher, especially when it is paving with sandstone. Brown markings are present with natural sandstone that is caused due to iron oxidation. This, however, is a temporary phenomenon. It will eventually weather down. You will get the detailed characteristics of the natural sandstone underneath each product displayed on the website.
Yes, you can return the goods delivered to you provided they are in the same condition. Please remember, the return of products will only be accepted within two weeks of delivery. You should also have the original packaging and receipts.
Every major debit or credit card is accepted here. Your payment details will remain secure and encrypted with us. We use the ultimate level of stringent fraud screening technologies to ensure your card details remain secure. We also accept PayPal and PayTM.