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The moment you start to browse through our unique collection of products, you end up complying with the list of terms and conditions that we have. The combination of Privacy Policy, along with the Terms and Conditions dictate the relationship we have with our clients via this website. In case you have any queries regarding the Terms and Conditions, feel free to reach us through different modes of communication. 


The Terms and Conditions Prevalent With The Use Of This Website:

 The content of this page is only for general information purposes. It is subjected to change without any prior notice. We use cookies to monitor the client's browsing preferences. When you accept to using cookies, the information you provide us with is stored by us, and it is further used by third parties. There is absolutely no guarantee or warranty provided by us or third parties regarding timeliness, accuracy, completeness, performance, and sustainability of the materials and information found or delivered through this website regardless of any particular purpose. On using this website, you acknowledge that materials and information are subjected to errors and inaccuracies and we are not bound to any liability despite the errors or inaccuracies to the extent that is permitted by the letter of the law. 

It is the customer who will be responsible for ensuring all information, products, and services available meets the specific set of requirements. 

The website RSI Stone World Pvt. Ltd contains material that is licensed to or owned by us. This material consists, but isn't limited to, the layout, design, appearance, look, and graphics. If it isn't in accordance with our copyright notice, reproduction of any item remains strictly prohibited. 



1. Both the website and the content available on it has the copyright of RSI Stone World Pvt. Ltd. 

2. Any form of reproduction or redistribution of either a part or the entire content remains prohibited.

3. You may not commercially exploit or distribute the content of the website except our written permission. 

4. You can't store or transmit it to other websites or electronic retrieval system. 


The Contract With Our Customers:

  •  The moment a customer places an order with the help of our website, they will be advised to go through the terms and conditions regarding sale. This form will act as a legal contract that is binding between us. 
  •  The customer will immediately receive a confirmation via email regarding the order along with the delivery details. 
  •  The price payable for the products that you order will be mentioned in our website. 
  •  Delivery charges are a part of the price. However, additional delivery charges might be added when the location is further away.
  •  Goods will be delivered to the address provided by the customer at the time they place their order.
  •  Delivery dates will be provided prior to the day the goods are about to arrive at your address. 


If you have any query regarding the information that we have provided feel free to email or write to us. We will promptly reach out to you.